Curious about Kink?

I am your host SayUNKLE and welcome you to listen up as we explore not-so-vanilla sexual topics, discuss listener questions, examine engaging interviews with experts and not-so experts in their respective fields & fetishes. Leave the vanilla world of pre-determined desires and expectations behind and cum explore the vast world of BDSM.with us.


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Welcome! Lets get to know each other.

Vanilla BDSM

Where we started,where we are & where we would like to be.

Talk Dirty To me

Whats your fetish? Like that dirty talk? Perhaps some impact play? What about electro?

Yes Daddy

Finding "our " head space as a Dom & sub

Wicked Cums

Stories of memorable hard cums, not so great partners,sticky situations, exotic locations and lots more.

Straight & Lesbian D/s 

A fun conversation exploring and comparing straight and gay D/s relationships.