What's Your Story?

I am your host SayUNKLE. I invite you to listen up as we learn & explore together,
 uninhibited sexual topics, share listener call-ins, interviews, personal stories & more. 
Leave the vanilla world of pre-determined desires and expectations behind.
 Cum discover the vast world of self exploration & sexual debauchery with us.


If you would like to suggest a topic for an episode, have a story to tell or want to be a guest
Call us at 765-400-2299 to leave us a message.
 If you'd like to share your naughty story, it will stay 100% anonymous! 
Please keep your pitch under 2 minutes & remember, nothing is too Taboo! No judgment, no names, just genuine personal accounts, keep this podcast an exciting journey for all. 

U-n-Kink hotline765-400-2299

Top submissions will be used anonymously on our show.
If you'd like a call back concerning your story or want to be a guest,
 please state that in your message.


Welcome! Lets get to know each other.

Vanilla Scented 

Listen up Episode #1

Full Moon Rising

Outdoor fun in the sun & moonlight

Yes Daddy

Power dynamics & relationships

Wicked Stories

Stories of memorable hard cums, not so great partners,sticky situations, exotic locations and lots more.

They did what?!

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