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I am your host SayUNKLE and invite you to listen up as we learn and have fun exploring not-so-vanilla sexual topics, discuss listener call-ins, interviews, personal stories & more. Leave the vanilla world of pre-determined desires and expectations behind and cum explore the vast world of kink & BDSM with us.


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If you would like to suggest a topic for an episode, have a story to tell or want to be a guest
Call us at 765-400-2299 to leave us a message.
 If you'd like to share your naughty story, it will stay 100% anonymous! 
Please keep your pitch under 2 minutes & remember, nothing is too Taboo!
 No judgment, no names, just genuine personal accounts, keep this podcast an exciting journey for all.
 If it makes you wet telling your anonymous kinky story then it most likely makes us wet hearing it. 
U-N-KINK HOTLINE 765-400-2299
 Top submissions will be used anonymously on our show.
If you'd like a call back concerning your story or want to be a guest,
 please state that in your message.